Thank you, FOAMed! A special Thanksgiving post

This has been a great year for FOAM/FOAMed. I am grateful for having an incredible job and for having outstanding resources at the click of a mouse, the swipe of a smart phone and the push of a button on my car stereo. In light of Thanksgiving being just around the corner (in Canada, at least, it’s October 13), below is a list – by no means exhaustive – of just some the incredible FOAMed people and sites/blogs/podcasts for which I am thankful in 2013.


Not to worry, you’ll find no turkeys on this list.

Mike Cadogan – There has never been a more selfless man with more dedication to FOAMed. He carries a large chunk of the FOAMed world on his proverbial shoulders (ie web server hosts a million blogs). Mike helped me switch The Chart Review from blogger to WordPress, as he has done for many others. He also went out of his way to connect Canadian FOAMites to each other without having ever met most of us in person.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine – Nobody can argue that ALIEM (no, not ALIEN) has grown the fastest and become more diverse than any other FOAMed site. The cast, led by Michelle Lin, is a lineup of allstars, expanding by the week. ALIEM is definitely in the FOAMed heavyweight class. The only thing bursting out of your chest from this ALIEM is knowledge.

Dr Bryan Hayes – This EM pharm/tox specialist, and regular contributor to ALIEM, is full of pearls and if you don’t follow him on Twitter you are missing out big time. He’s already been featured on EMCrit and EMRAP. His Tweet also triggered a conversation that was featured in my post on Acute Pulmonary Edema – Nitro vs Lasix?

Canadian FOAM in the forefront – FOAMed has exploded, and with that, so too has Canadian contribution. Brent Thoma’s BoringEM has flourished into an outstanding and dare I say “sexy” EM site. Now he’s in the big leagues over at ALIEM. Ken Milne has taken the Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine to great heights with a stellar second season. Chris Bond at SOCMOB is another pioneer of Canadian EM FOAMed. Go to my Canadian FOAM link to see some of the other amazing Canadian FOAMites. Newish to the mix: Teresa Chan – give her a follow.



Amal Mattu – What more needs to be said about this Jedi Master of EM? The EKG of the Week series is the highlight of starting the week every Monday. All this is in addition to EmedHome EMCast and his presence on EMRAP. I don’t know how he does it. I haven’t met the majority of those mentioned on this post, but I had the pleasure of shaking Amal’s hand at EMU Conference in Toronto May 2013. My IQ instantly went up by 10 points.

Rob OrmanERCast continues to be a mainstay on my iPhone playlist. He is hands down the best interview on the podcast airwaves. Rob also gave my site (A Lesser Known Indication for Tranexemic Acid post) some free promo on his Rant-off 2013 episode, and then owned up to erroneously calling me a “she” on the very next ERCast show (FYI, I am a man). Plus, who else would Tweet this awesome Rocket Ship Cloud?


Don’t Forget the Bubbles – Let’s face it. Kids can be scary. But they are less scary now that this fantastic Peds EM site is out there. Absolute awesomeness!

EMCrit – After over 100 episodes, Scott Weingart continues to produce great EM/CC material each episode. He never backs down from a challenge and will always voice his opinion and stick to it.

Minh vs Twitter – Bored? Log in to Twitter to be a spectator or participant in the Minh Le Cong debates. Minh vs Seth – usually cricoid pressure is central. Minh vs Tim – checklists. Minh vs Casey – PE workup. Oh, and he also runs that great PHARM site with fellow Canuck of mine Yen Chow. They helped me out on this post – Scareway Case: Blood, Vomit, MILS.


Courtesy of PHARM site

Expansion of FOAMed – Great new sites and blogs are appearing at a furious pace. Some of my other new favourites: EM Nerd, Brian Cohn’s EM J Club podcast, Ryan Stanton’s Everyday Medicine for Physicians podcast. There are dozens of others to discover.

Thank you, FOAM/FOAMed!

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