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Been a while since I posted anything – sorry for the slow productivity…
This is a mini post.

Recently Scott Weingart of the EMCrit podcast had an episode on his new home hospital, Janus General. This is a virtual hospital inspired by the folks at St Emlyn’s, a virtual hospital and blog site situation in the UK.

Why a virtual hospital? Because it allows you to retain patient confidentiality to a greater degree, and it allows flexibility with what your “hospital” provides.

Janus isn’t the right fit for me, since I’m Canadian trained/insured/etc and we have a different level of litigation where I’m from. However, with Scott’s blessing, I’ve opened a Canadian partner site to Janus. As of this post, unless otherwise stated, all cases presented on the Chart Review will Canadian Janus General hospital. Canadian Janus is a community ED in Canada, with Canadian policies. The goal is to provide a Canadian slant to emergency medicine and healthcare. We transfer out major traumas, STEMIs and neurosurgical cases.

If you wish to situate your cases at Canadian Janus General, feel free.

New post coming soon!

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